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      中文   ENGLISH
       Product Category
       Hepatology drugs
       Diabetes Drug
       Pulmonary hypertension drug
        Medical intermediate
        Natural products
       Business Scope
      1.R&D and Registration of APIs and Drug Preparation;
      2.Manufacture, Sales, Customization and Trade of APIs and Intermediates;
      3.Agent for APIs,Intermediates and Reference Substances and Impurities.
       About Us
      Sichuan CheCo Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise located in Chengdu City. Based on QbD and GMP, we dedicated to pharmaceutical technology with focus on CMO & CRO and process development/optimize for API and formulation, pharmaceutical intermediate, drug impurity and drug registration. Our strong is in anticancer drugs, anti-infection, antidiabetic, nervous system , hepatobiliary and so on.
      Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. We will provide the professional technology and reliable products for you!
      CFDA Centre for Drug Evaluation www.chinayyhg.com www.hxchem.net
      Contacter:Mr Zhong(0086- 13981731671)Mr Zhang(0086- 13982168376) E-mail:checo@checopharma.com
      Copyright 2014 SI Chuan CheCo Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved. Supported by www.hxchem.net